Making Memories with The Vermont Camp Family

“I wish camp happened every week instead of just one week a year”  Says Becky, a camper and businessperson, who hails from Rutland, VT.

It’s been a relaxing “Workcation” over the last week.  In the ever present mission of the Dieselfunk crew to document life as it happens, we often come across more personal and poignant stories.  For the last 10 years, a group of artists have gotten together every August to vacation, staycation, interact, and generally be a FAMILY.  One of the campers, artist and animal lover, Diane, says, “ It’s been 10 years hanging out with these crazy sons of guns and i haven’t gotten sick of any of em yet“.  Many of the members have known each other for decades; forming partnerships, friendships, and even marriages.

I was fortunate enough, like hitting the Lotto, to MARRY into this Family 5 years ago.  One of the fascinating things is the communal spirit fostered over travel, extracurricular activities, lively conversation (Lake Champlain is a consistent cast member), photography by Matt, organizational mastery by Don, and food by Velvet Catering master chef, Shawn who comments, “It’s been 10 Years of Whats for Dinner?”

I am truly amazed at this core of 7 people who have created art, trips, and even weddings together.  In fact,  I proposed to my wife, Melanie at camp several years back.


Mel, a poet and playwright, closes it out with a very truthful comment

“Camp is an Artform with these people”

I head back to NYC in the next day or so.  ON to Glogging at Afropunk, finishing Prison City,  creating a one shot with an Eisner Award Winner, and making AFROFUTUREFEST a Reality!  

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