It was a wonderful time in St Louis, Missouri at the Black Speculative Arts Movement event at Harris-Stowe University.  During the festivities, I had the wonderful experience of Glogging three individuals.

Karl and Anne.  

This Couple has been married for somewhere around 20 years and have the most fascinating history.  Anne is an accomplished Mathematics Instructor and editor of scholarly academic texts.  Karl is a fantastic architect and one of the handful of Black Magicians in the world.  Karl’s 1 buck to a Hundred trick was NUTS.  As fascinating as their personalities and careers are, the way they met is supremely entertaining.  I had the pleasure of illustrating them as they conveyed their meeting of minds.

Best of ALL; we’re Cousins!:-)




Cyber Security expert.  In the travels to further Glog folks from all walks of life I encountered Jamie.  This gentlemen had the most…for lack of a better term…stabilizing…response and view of the present occupant of the White House.  After a bit of discussion about our careers the Elephant sized question in the room finally had to be asked to Jamie;  “Will we be Irradiated and Dead in 4 Years?”  His reply:  “We’ll still be alive”.

There are apparently checks and balances in place that can prevent any potential nuclear launches in the case of an errant nasty tweet.

What a RELIEF:-)

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